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 DENIED Hkippi,Paladin,holy

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PostSubject: DENIED Hkippi,Paladin,holy   Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:22 pm




Short information about yourself:I am kind good person but i like my friends and my WoW xD my real name is Fannar i like sk8bording Drumming going out and playing wow and i am good to people.


Willing to respecc for the guild?Yes

Previous guilds:Leivathan

Why did you leave them?not raiding enough

Raid days a week:I can raid most of the times

Raid times that suits you: i can raid to about 22-23 on normal days and weekends i can raid as much as i want Very Happy

Raid experience:
Pre-tbc MC cleared Onyxia Cleared BWL cleared AQ 20 cleared AQ40 cleared well i cleared all the pre-tbc once exepect Naxx
Tbc Kara cleared Gruul cleared maggy cleared SSC 1/6 1/4 void reaver

Guild role prev guild:Healer

Link to the armory:

What can you add to Mod/how can you help improve MoD?I am a alchemy and herblism i can make few flask and i am fun to talk too and i always wanna be nice to people Smile

Anything you like to add?HOpe you pick me ?

You know anyone in MoD / referances?No but i hope i can make some if i join

Have you read and understood the rules of MoD? Yes ii can read english well
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PostSubject: Re: DENIED Hkippi,Paladin,holy   Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:04 am

Application denied, player is to young.

Hope you find a guild that suits you.


Raid Master MoD
Commandix 70 prot palla
Duramirix 70 affliction lock
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DENIED Hkippi,Paladin,holy
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