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 A word by the oh so important guildmaster

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PostSubject: A word by the oh so important guildmaster   Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:36 pm


first of all, dura and dieharder, very nice owrk on the site.

This site will be used for alot of different kidn of things. Posting questions about gear or tactics, silly talk in trashforums or anythign u can imagine. Classleaders have their own forums for their class and tactics for instances will be added to the forum along with movies so everyone can understand them.

I myself will be adding movies of the bosses we the Myrmydons of Dawn have killed. I have always wanted to be a moviedirector and ofcourse u being my loyal subjects will be the perfect testsamples for my video's, not to mention u all play in my movies for free so thats a nice plus for me too.

I hope we can make this homepage a nicely active and usefull one.

Guildmaster of the Myrmydons of Dawn
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A word by the oh so important guildmaster
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