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 Myrmydon of Dawn rules and ranks

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PostSubject: Myrmydon of Dawn rules and ranks   Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:36 pm

Guild and raid rules , officers and more.

Following is the rules and decicions regarding raiders and semi raider. Here stated as active raiders and more casual raiders. All decicions are made by the officer group of Myrmydon of Dawn. These rules and decicions shall be respekted by all our members, violation of the rules will be followed by a guild kick without prior notice.

About us:

Myrmydon of Dawn is a social raid guild, most of us have played and raided together for over two years. We know each other in ways of raiding , and we know how we want it in game. We live and breath for teamwork and the social aspects of the game, but without this being a blocking for further growth and progress in raid instances. MoD members is 18 + , but some of the younglings that are very skilled and perform well, has earned a full membership.

Guild rules:

- All use of yell in public channels is strictly forbidden, same goes for fighting / discussions in public forums and /or channels.
- Repetedly shouting for help and complaining about this "never" been given, will result in a guild kick without warning.
- Respect for your guild mates is a must, treat your mates the way your self want to be treated. We never argue in guild chat, issues will be sorted with the involving parts, and a neutral officer.
- All sorts of harassment are not accepted, this can be sex, skincolor, relations, personal problems, illness , and more. Violation will result in guild kick after officer meeting. MoD cares about fighting harassment , and all complains regarding harassment will be discussed in an officer meeting.
- Politeness is something we expect in our guild, a little "hi" and "cya" takes no time, and contributes to the signal we want to send to players, both internal and foreign affairs. Players should feel accepted and welcomed in MoD.
- True members of MoD shall use our forum, this is because all information will be placed there, and our raid calender is also there. Violation here will result in a warning and a guild kick if the violation keeps up.
- Trades within the guild shall occur to reduced price, we do not earn money on our guild mates, we will often come in a situation where we need something back from someone
- Help your guild mats if you got time, and if it gives something back to the guild. Attunements is an example of this. We dont spend time helping people levling or quests just to earn money. Remember many of our players got family, so our play time are valuable and some time limited .
- This is a main char guild, alt`s is not an option. Violations here means guild kick without prior notice.

Raid rules:

- Puging a group for a raid instance is not accepted and will result in guild kick without prior notice given.
- We always bring pots and flasks for our own char, flasks for new challenging instances, pots in those situations where you know they`ll be needeed.
- Raid calender is our best tool for raid preparing and it shall be used by all members. The use of this tool awards bonus dkp, and you got better chance for raid attendance.
- Raid times shall be respected. If our raid has been set up for 1930-2300, then you perform in this raid till raidleader uses end of raid. If IRL emergency occurs , whisper raidleader about this and try to find an replacement for your class , remember to assist in summon before you leave the raid group. If you know you can’t attend for a full raid, please make a comment.
- If you know you will be 15min to late for an raid, type it in the comment field. If you know you`ll be 30min late, then you only sign as an reserve. We cant have 24 ppl waiting for you for that amount of time.
- When tactics are told on either teamspeak or written in raid chat , the raid is expected to be quiet. Only our officers is allowed to talk during this period. This is to maintain focus and speed in raid instances, we can talk about the weather when were back in Ironforge. Violation of this rule, will result in raid remove after one warning given.
- Raid effort. Our officers uses meters to supervise our raid groups, if you dont perform well, you will be noticed. If our officers find you a "spot taker", you will be removed from the raid. There are several ways to improve stats and gear and officers can often guide you. New encounters may put our chars and the guild to the test, therefor “topped” raid may occur.
- Teamwork. Even tho our officers uses meters, remember this is all about teamwork. Over nuking and other mistakes that are unaccepteble in our league, will result in raid removal if the same mistakes are spotted several times. Refusal to listen to advice will eventually result in guild kick. We dont have room for ppl who dont understand basic raiding, we got goals to aim for.
-Respect your raidleader. Listen up, do whats told, and dont argue on the desicions. A raid leader got loads of things to attend to under a raid, and your whining can and will take his focus away. We do understand that some players may have experience beyond our own, we will of course listen to advise.
- Our raid addons which are minimum, shall be used in our raids. Make sure you got the newest version when attending our raids. Addons required will be posted in its own post.
- Buffs- Full buff before raidstart and bosses, otherways we buff while raiding. We dont stop because someone misses a few buffs. Remember that we all dont need all buffs all the time, and we dont spend time waiting for nonsense like that.
- Mana. We pull quick in our raids. If you are missing 30% mana on thrash, we actually dont care. Raidleader pulls when he consider it to be safe and mana to be enough. Yells after mana breaks is not accepted, drink once you out of combat, and get ready for the next pull.
- Water. Whisper a mage about this, dont use raidchat. Our water vendors are always up for the job before raidstart.
- AFK / breaks. ONLY when raidleader decides. Breaks is often after a bossfight. If anyone goes afk without raidleaders decision, then they will be removed from the raid group immediatly. Continue this and we`ll be forced to remove you from the guild. IRL situations happens , then whisper raidleader but please don’t leave before respons has been given. We dont wanna pull when a tank is AFK.

Loot rules:

- In Karazhan we roll for items, however master looter can change the outcoming of a roll if it can make the guild better. That means, if a healer that dont raid that much win a item, master looter can give it to someone that raid more, for the best of the guild. This rule is here to make sure we get the progress we want and hereby can go on to further and harder challenges.
- In 25 man raid and Zul aman we use DKP , also here master looter can give loot to someone else to make the guild better, even tho it wont happen so often in 25 mans, since people need to raid a lot to get enough DKP to buyout the items they want.
- Master looters decisions regarding the above posts, shall never be argued about. Its for the best for our guild, and will come back to people later anyway. Better loot from tougher bosses and so on.
- Any form for cheating regarding loot it revarded with an instant guild kick.
- Trials can roll for loot but they’re not allowed to get any loot if a member need-rolls.

Trial`s of Myrmydon of Dawn:

Trials in our guild is treaten the same as full members, except looting in raid instances. Trials can only roll / award loot if no member is needing the loot. This is because we want to get to know you and because we dont want loot to leave the guild in a later stage of your trial period. A trial lasts normally for 4 weeks depending on your skills and how much raiding we`re talking about. If we are satisfied with your efforts after trial period, we will offer membership, if we are not, you will be asked to leave yourself, in some situation we may offer an extended period of trial if we aren’t sure about you. We dont wanna kick any trials, and that is why we will ask you to leave yourself. A trial member need to raid atleast 8 times in 30 days, and prove he or she got the skills needed to be accepted. Trial members earn DKP even tho they cant use them before they have been promoted to members. Of course, if no members need a drop somewhere, trials might roll for it. We use common sence, we dont nuke epics just for fun.

Remember you cant’t be a member of Myrmydon of Dawn if you havent read, understood and accepted these rules.


Below follows the ranks we use and a desription of these. Ranks below are given to people after what effort and job they perform for the guild.


GM-- Our leader. Choosen by the officer group and considered the one with best leadership, game time, progress / efforts in raids and relations. All desicions taken by our GM is supported by the officers group.

RAID MASTER: This is our main raid leader in MoD. Only work with tactics and leadership in raid instances. He also choose the raiders they consider good enough for the upcoming event. Our raid master is considered the highest rank when we raid, and they dont take orders from anyone while they are "live". When not raiding , he report and respond to our GM. The raid master dont deal with internal affairs except when we are raiding.

OFFICER`S CIRCLE: This rank is for the people that work with relations, safty and team spirit. A officer work with guild progress together with our GM. These people is the one we use if arguing , discussions and so on occurs.Officers handle the internal affairs in our guild, and report directly to our GM.

CLASSLEADER: Classleader is the chieftain of the classes related to them. In MoD we only use 4 classleaders, one for healing, one for tanks ,one for meelee dps and one for ranged dps. We find this easier to controll.

CHAMPION: This tittle is given to players that have proven their loyalty for months, and have a raid skill above the normal. These players are handpicked when dealing with hard encounters. Considered a insane hard title to get and only the Guild Master himself does the promoting here.

RAIDER: These are the people tha raid in our guild , meaning 2 or more times a week. They got insane good knowledge in raid instances and or considered key people in our raids. This rank is a priority player in new raid instances / bosses, tho bypassed by champions.

CASUAL: A normal member that suits our demands in MoD. Respects our rules and active effort for guild progress. Raids less often compared to raider rank and above.

INITIATE: People that wants to become a member in our guild, and got skills, gear and raid experience that is needed, and manage to create relations among the members of the guild. We dont not recrute Casual players longer, all initiate must contribute to our raid side.

When saying officer group , we refer to GM, RM , Officers and classleaders. All desicions that are made by officers group, then means the people just mention.

People with officers rank today:

Officer-- Thorngazer, Enelyon, Ylada,Swes and Simz
Classleader--- Maauu, Ekzim and Archlight


MoD officers stab

Raid Master MoD
Commandix 70 prot palla
Duramirix 70 affliction lock
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Myrmydon of Dawn rules and ranks
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